Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

Science and Faith.

Just had my dinner. Damn full. Ck.

I have two good news and one bad news.
THE GOOD NEWS AREEEE research paper and documentary film are done like FINALLY!!! Thank God now I can play my Pokemon and do whatevershit I want to do. 
The bad news is.....UN Project Reflection which is to be due tomorrow yeah. 
The questions are 'What did the project mean to you? What did you learn? What is your pledge?'
The project means SHIT to me. I learn nothing except for that North Sumatra is pretty awesome. My pledge is I will never pick such topic like Tourism in North Sumatra again.

Hmmphh. I finally decided what I should do with my adult life.
My plan is to graduate from a good university with a degree in either pyrotechnics, engineering, sport science, doctor or business. Then, I'll probably work for about 4 to 5 years. Travel around the world. Earn some cash. Probably a year in China to practice my Chinese.Then, I'll probably date someone IF I CAN FIND THAT SOMEONE. We get married after that IF I CAN FIND THAT SOMEONE. We'll have one handsome and intelligent son and one beautiful and intelligent daughter IF I CAN FIND THAT SOMEONE. Or I'll probably end up begging for money on streets someday. I do not know. Hmmphh kay kay end here lah end here lahh.


Me 2 years ago.
Me 3 years ago. This picture creeps me out errr.


Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011


Have no time to update my blog these past few days.
Project. Project. Project. Project. Project. Project. Research paper.
So frustrated. It is due on Monday. We only have 2 days left to finish everything up before MOONNNNDAAAAYYYYY and thank God we've done at least a bit.
Minimum 10 minutes. Done like 3 minutes. Uhuk. Dayumm.
Going to skip Bimbel tomorrow for project work. Aha aha ahak.

What I do during Bimbel:
1. Trying to sleep despite the loud voice of the bimbel teacher.
2. Chatting.
3. Checking my phone a.k.a. pretend to look busy when there's nobody who wants to talk to me or mention me on Twitter. 
4. Quarrel with Immanuel.
5. Stare at the clock.

Got nothing to do. Let's make list of awkward moments:
1. That awkward moment when you hit someone who you thought is your friend very hard on the back.
2. That awkward moment when your friends swear in front of your parents.
3. That awkward moment when you're dancing and singing in your room and your parents enter.
4. That awkward moment when you're in the middle of taking a nice bath when suddenly there's a huge earthquake and you're stuck naked in the bathroom.
5. That awkward moment when you dream of falling. THIS ONE ROCKS MUAHAHA.
6. That awkward moment when you forgot to pay and the cashier thought you're trying to shoplift.
7. That awkward moment when you walk into a room full of strangers alone.
8. That awkward moment when nobody laughs at your joke.
9. That awkward moment when your teacher caught you teasing him/her.
10. That awkward moment when I don't know what to write about awkward moments anymore.

I wish I had a brother like this kid. 
I want those Pokeballs. Nuff said.

Kay, it's almost 3AM kekekekekekeke should wake at 8 tomorrow and that sucks. 
Shaniqua Chiuman will be my daughter's name.
Sorry for being so talkative today.

Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011


This post might contain vulgar materials that are not suitable for kids below 13.

I'm so pissed off with two people right now plus the rain is pissing me off. THE RAIN IS PISSING ME OFF SERIOUSLY IT'S SO NOISY!!! Kay, enough of the ranting. 

First of all, I would like to rant about this peculiar girl or boy. I must admit that she/he is friendly BUT SHE/HE IS WAY TOO FRIENDLY. Look, not everything is about you or connected to you. You do not have to fucking interfere or get involved in everything. I'm done.

Then, I would like to rant to this nasty not-hot-but-act-hot boy. So damn cheap. He's like a bitch, but the male version of bitch. If you're hot, it's okay but you're not at all. Look, if you expect girls to be cheap around you, then you are wrong cause I'm not going to be cheap around you. I regretted talking to you because I just found out how cheap you are, dude. If you think that girls are going to show their *TITTT* to you because you think you're hot, then you're wrong. Fucking nonsense. 

HOOH I'M SO RELIEVED AFTER WRITING THOSE SHITS UHUK UHUK UHUK. Enough of sad and mad entries. Looking forward to write happy entries. Must be happy happy happy. 

Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2011

Ayu Ting Ting

I've heard that the name Ayu Ting Ting brings luck so that's why I use it as my title. Hope something good will happen soon HOHOHOHOHO. By the way, Ayu Ting Ting is a dangdut singer who is right now urmmm quite famous in Indonesia. Ooooh, here's a link to her song CLICK HERE. Yeah I know it's so lame. Uhuk. 

Anyway, the UN project thingy is due on 17th October and my group has done nothing. Plus, now I have a new project which is called 'Project L36' which is about making artificial legs for disabled people using ring tabs. Plus, exam is like a month away. Shit, time does fly fast. 

BY THE WAY I've made up a list of dreams I would like to pursue when I am older:

1. Be a rich thai thai. Shake ass at home, wake up late, play mahjong, you name it.
2. Make airplanes, tanks, submarines, ships, cars, etc. then build a very huge 
    mansion filled with hot boys with six pack and wear only underwear. WOOT!!!
3. Be a biologist or chemist which are quite lame.
5. Be an astronaut. Be the first person to enter Venus. OOOH awesome.
6. Be an actress BUT I only accept  the AHJUMMA roles so I can touch hot young 
    Korean stars.
7. Be a singer. But my voice sounds like elephants making child. 
8. Be a dancer. Belly dance~~~
9. Stay with my parents forever.

Kay kay enough of those nonsense dreams. KEKEKEKE it's 2AM right now and I'm really sleepy so let's go to sleep. TING TONG!!!

Senin, 03 Oktober 2011

fall for anything.

Spent the last 3 hours reading funny shits on tumblr. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Damn.

Look at the orange dot for 30 seconds and it will turn to a purple dot.
Such a perv.

 "Friends are like potatoes. When you eat them, they die." - Tumblr
Kay kay enough enough enough.

TOMORROW IS TUESDAY and there's PE and I think Mr. Justin is going to make us do the running techniques again and butts are hurting after that. And I'm getting bored of school I swear to God. And project work is due 2 weeks from today. Homework. Quizzes. Chapter tests. These epic stuff must be done before the mid-year exam which is like 2 months away. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. 

Can't wait for the mid-year break. More than a month. Sleep and eat like a pig everyday. Play Pokemon. Awww sweet. And fucuk exercise, LET MY TUMMY BE BIG LIKE A BALL. 


Selasa, 27 September 2011



I'm Sexy And I Know It.

Still wondering where those pictures I'd promised you about? NO LOL I'M JUST LYING I'M SO LAZY KAY! 

Seriously, I need another term break like right now. I'm so sick of coming to school and  do exercises. I'm so sick of my mother pulling my blanket every single morning. I'm so sick of looking at numbers and chemical names I do not even understand. I'm so sick of going to the toilet and look at nasty stuff like unflushed pee and poo. HEY RESPONSIBLE LAH YOU THROW WASTE YOU EXPECT ME TO FLUSH FOR YOU? Okay enough of the ranting. God so #galau man. 

By the way, visited Istana Maimun and Tjong A Fie last Friday for our project. Took some pictures but again, lazy to upload. Well, interviewed a French tourist....which was an epic fail. So not professional and stuttered a lot. Uhuk. Then, I went to Claudia's house to make some videos. And by the way, the VLOGs we made at Starbucks were uploaded. CLICK HERE to watch our awesome VLOGs. You are going to be shocked because I look kinda hot there. No lah not hot must be humble oke?

By the way, Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO is awesome. HUAHAHAHA ESPECIALLY THE WIGGLE WIGGLE PART. CLICK HERE TO WATCH YO BABY BABIES. LMFAO always make phenomenal music videos. And have you noticed that I use 'LINK' too much? I just know how to link stuff at my entry. Maklum, suapakau. 

So true. So true. Our textbooks got reprinted for how many times? First published at 1980 or something.